3 Steps to Stop Negative Thinking In Its Tracks

By March 24, 2020Business

It happens to everyone at some point, and it’s totally normal because our mind has a greater tendency to doubt faster than it believes. Negative thinking is the inner doubt associated with the human character. If you occasionally find yourself doubting your abilities, thinking of worse case scenarios and losing faith in yourself, don’t worry it’s just negative thinking, and I’m going to give you the three best steps to stop it.

Negative thinking is every inch part of every human, and it would be mentally imbalanced not to experience such. Hence, expect that from time to time, negative thoughts shall creep into your mind. Most times, negative thoughts help us see things and situation from a proper perspective and neutrality. But for some people, negative thoughts means more difficulty in making decisions, choosing relationships, work productivity, and cultivating a sense of peace within. Consequentially, negative thoughts become destructive. When this happens, the thoughts become obsessive, and at this point, it’s time to stop, think, and evaluate.

Not knowing how to go about your negative thoughts could be very dangerous to you and those around you. Here are some adverse effects of thinking negatively always.

  • You become an ardent complainer
  • You feel hopeless most of the time
  • You think everyone is against you or out to pull you down
  • You can never see the bright side of things
  • You are always trapped in your head thinking the worse

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to live your life defined by any of the characters mentioned above, so here are three step to help you deal with negative thinking.

  1. Identify your triggers

Lisa Firestone, a clinical psychology aggress that the best way to fight negative thoughts is by identifying what triggers your negative thinking and self-doubt. Is a certain person? Making public speeches? Starting something new? As soon as you study and understand your triggers, you’ll feel much better and secure.

2. Stay away from negative people

Negativity thinking is a character which can be passed on from an individual to another. According to a 2013 study published in Clinical Psychological Science, negative-thinking can actually rub off on other people. In turn, spending quality time with positive thinking people can, in turn, boost your level of self-confidence and help foster your own positivity. It’s all up to you to choose your friends wisely

3. Don’t suppress your feelings

Trying to fight out negative thoughts could make it worse. Often people tend to think more about things they decide not to think about. As soon as you say to yourself, “I don’t think about this new job promotion,” that’s all you’ll find yourself doing. The best approach is to let it come and go away naturally.

To sum it up, work, relationships, and others can push you to a negative mental situation, but as soon as you learn how to snap out of it and appreciate your life experiences, you’ll be much happier, healthier and ready to deal with anything.

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