3 Steps to Stop Wasting Time and Increase Your Productivity

By March 25, 2020Business

Productivity is necessary for quick growth, be it in your business, career or family. However, what happens when you neglect the vital tasks you are meant to do, things start crumbling up, schedules are delayed, anxiety sets in, and ultimately your life takes a plunging dive.

Procrastination is the major cause of why most people are less productive. One minute you are ready and prepared to clear your daily tabs, then you procrastinate and that time is wasted.  Many factors contribute to why we procrastinate, and in turn waste our precious time, it could be one of the following factors;

  • Low energy levels

Studies have shown that people with less healthy lifestyles tend to possess a lower energy level. Factors such as sleep and exercise could contribute greatly to your level of productivity, and if you neglect them, you might lead a life full of procrastination.

  • Fear of failure

People tend to procrastinate when they fear they may fail in that task. Procrastinating for fear of failure constitutes a subjective failure but what happens when the actual failure sets in.

  • Lack of understanding

It’s easier to procrastinate performing a task you don’t understand, or so you think. Procrastinating such difficult tasks only contributes to wasting more time; it’s best to learn about ways around it or calling a professional.

The Three Key Steps to More Productivity

If you discover you lose ample time procrastinating or doing unnecessary stuff, these three vital tips will help you kick back into action.

  1. Identify what wastes most of your time

You can only deal with what you know. Identify those instances when you delay in performing a task and devise a way to eliminate them. Do you spend too much time on social media or being too helpful to coworkers or colleagues? These things deter you from handling tasks on your to-do list, and as such you need to figure out how to curb them.

  • Start with the hardest task

To avoid giving up and wasting time, always start with the hardest tasks on your list then work your way down to the easiest. Always have a determined and positive mindset towards difficult tasks, and this starts right after you wake up.

As soon as you get up in the morning, the ideal step is to get on with your morning chores and breakfast before 9 am. Take a refreshing cup of coffee to keep you active then proceed to carry on with your daily task. However, the real trick is Start doing it within 20 minutes of waking up; that’s when your senses are more active.

  • Create goals and assign them deadlines

The third and most important tip to stop wasting your time is to create goals with allotted time to reach them. Setting up goals is a huge source of motivation, and when you’re motivated, you are certainly bound to get more productive. Deadline is the mental finish lines we set for a particular task. Without deadlines, there is no restriction to the time you spend completing a task.

In conclusion, productivity is greatly dependent upon hard work and determination, and with the right time spent, you are bound to achieve your aims.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwsLuxlbY2w Watch this video to learn more about how you can stop wasting your time.


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