5 Tips to Better Outsourcing in Your Business

By March 25, 2020Business

Outsourcing is vital if your way to grow your business beyond what it currently is. It gives you the opportunity to concentrate on more relevant issues while trusting a capable hand to assist with other tasks. When I first started MiniMeCity, I was a bit skeptical about outsourcing, the perfectionist in me wanted to do literary everything! But when I figured out how to slow things were going, I had to call in a few capable hands.

Outsourcing is very important in every business if you want to grow. It not only gives you ample time to get on with other tasks, but it also gives room for the best result in the task you aren’t so perfect with. So let’s quickly take a rundown on tips to outsourcing better in your business.

  • Take the leap

Many startup business owners and entrepreneurs cringe at the thought of outsourcing. Yeah I get it, the business is so young, and you wouldn’t want an outside party, but no business survives without outsourcing. Quit asking questions such as, oh what if they don’t do it right? Can I really afford this? And isn’t it probably going to take ages to train them on the tasks? Take a leap.

To make it easier, make a video tutorial for training any new assistant you get. Secondly, outsource only tasks you have fewer interests in, write down a listof things you don’t like to do, and create an on and lastly, remind yourself you are always in charge.

  • Engage persons with similar ideas and ethics

It’s important you employ someone who has similar work ethics and values as you, that way your interests click. Also to make the process faster, find someone who is an expert in that field.

 I outsource graphics design and other tasks not because I can’t do them, of course I’ve learnt them over time, but It allows me focus on other pressing issues and gives opportunity for an expert to handle it and do better job.

  • Have a clear and easy to follow guideline

You get the best results when your ideas are clearly explained. Don’t have an ambiguous guideline and process you will end up creating a huge confusion which may go a long way to slow down processes in the business.

Here’s what I do, I made a step by step pre-recorded video tutorial to guide any new assistant I employ. This way, the transition from an outgoing assistant to a new one isn’t so difficult. Hiring an assistant is a trial or error kind of stuff, it’s either you find the right person or not, so if you find the right person great! But if you didn’t then please keep searching.

  • Let go of perfectionism

Like I said earlier, let go of the feeling that nothing is right until you do it yourself, it slows you down and also the business as well. I constantly battle with perfectionism, so I wake up every morning and tell myself, “Today I’m letting go of my perfectionism.”  This way, I am constantly reminded to let go of seeing faults in what others do, not because they don’t have faults but so my business can grow. For example , you make a video and you keep editing and twisting it around you are stuck at a place but when you just make the video and put in your best in it the business moves faster.

You can grow your business beyond your dream if you can learn to let go of perfectionism.

  • Find a reliable virtual assistant service.

If you are thinking of hiring a VA, there are many reliable sources and at pocket-friendly rates. If you’re thinking now to take the leap and hire a VA, so you can be more efficient in your business, I highly recommending matchmaking services by Jhene Dickson, she’s a matchmaker for VA’s across America and Canada. There are other reliable services across Europe and the Philippines.

One thing I can assure you, outsourcing is a sure way to grow your business.


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