6 Ways to Feel You Have Accomplished Something Today

By March 27, 2020Business

We’ve all been through days when you feel utterly terrible about yourself and feel like you haven’t achieved much. Such days are often characterized with you snuggling up to your blanket, binge eating, no shower and probably a pinch of laziness. The realization often comes during the late hours of the day when you come to terms that hours have rolled by and you are yet to do any real chore for the day. If you do not know what to do during such occasions or how to control it, there’s a high possibility there’s going to be series of repeat and guess what suffers most your business!

Below are a few pointers on stuff to do every day to keep that nauseous feeling of not accomplishing much away.

#. Identify the exact things you wish to accomplish

One of the first things I do every morning is to create a checklist of things I wish to accomplish before the day runs out. Of course, as a wife, mother, and business mogul I’m already choked up with tasks, but with a mental checklist, I clearly define tasks I wish to perform and strive throughout the day to see them done.

Now, most people who work from home often find themselves not accomplishing much because freedom is often abused when you have no one to checkmate you. If you wish to run your business effectively and keep away that feeling of not accomplishing much, then you would have to plan every day as you wake.

#. Chunking down your tasks to smaller parts

When you take on more tasks than you can perform for the active hours of the day, the possibility of giving up to early on them increases. The human mind is quite tricky, and to a great extent, it influences your productivity. If you break down heavy tasks into smaller parts, there’s a higher chance you would perform them faster and better than when you take on the whole tasks at once.

#. Giving yourself time to finish the task

Don’t go grumbling because you couldn’t finish a task within the time frame you expected, this could discourage you even more, and at the end of the day you might end up not completing that task. For whichever task you choose, give yourself enough time to do it at your best.

#. Never compare yourself to others

Don’t go discouraging yourself because you feel other people are doing better than you, it drains you emotionally, physically and psychologically. Everyone has his/her own race to run, mind your own track and you will get there soon.

#. Try to be optimistic

No matter how bad you feel the day is always view the day from the glass half full perspective, you never can tell something good might happen even in the worst of days. Optimism is an action driver and a real motivator, you might be as tired as a sack but keep telling yourself ‘Yes I can,’ and surprisingly you would do that stuff, Try it today.

#. Define success in your own terms

Success is what we call it. Learn to define success in your own terms and if I may suggest,’ Success should be the outcome of your best effort.’ You do not need to work yourself out like a donkey to feel you have succeeded, but even the tiniest effort at something should be appreciated and valued.

Now you have the key guidelines to making the most out of your day, follow me to find out more on how to grow your business to greater heights.


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