7 Powerful Tips on How to Work Effectively From Home

By March 27, 2020Business

So you eventually come up with this amazing business idea, and you want to build a career out of it from the confines of your home, Congratulations! This is a good thing and the first among many steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur, and the relief of not having to commute every day to an office is fantastic. However, a lot could derail your success if you do not plan how to manage your time while working at home effectively.

As an entrepreneur, I encountered many obstacles, Procrastinations, and distractions while working from home as I planned to take on my MiniMeCity’s cake figurine business to a higher platform. You might be a mom like myself, then you would have to balance taking care your child/children and working on your ideas and business, or you a student who needs to balance academic hours and work, among other examples. Whichever category you fall into, I am here to give you highly productive tips to help you achieve better results in your business and at the same time attend to other needs.

#1. Start off early every day

Pretend you still work in an office where you have to wake early and get to work on time, so you don’t get your boss angry, only this time you are the boss, but hey, it works. The secret to working productively from home is to dive straight into you’re to-do-list as early as possible.

When I work from home, I wake up, make breakfast for my husband girl and myself, we do her cards while I take my coffee, then drive my child to the daycare and get to work immediately. I am more productive in the morning, so I utilize that time as much, every other thing follows suit when I’m tired or need a break.

#2. Have a workstation

I keep telling anyone who asks me the secret to working productively at home too, “pretend your home is another office.” You can’t concentrate if you keep looking over at the laundry basket and wondering if your nail polish has chipped off. Hence you have to pretend you are in an office with a very meticulous boss watching over you.

The first step, create a conducive workspace with a computer, desk, and chair alongside any necessary stationery to help you work better. Avoid the bedroom distractions and flipping through social media pages on your cell phone when you intend to work.

#3. Don’t always work at home

Yes, this is very important, working at doesn’t mean you must have to work within the confines of your house. Go out to other places such as coffee shops, public lounges, libraries, and similar Wi-Fi enabled spaces, they help stimulate the development of ideas.

Sometimes when I don’t feel like it, I drive to a coffee shop or any environment with that lower chatter kind of white noise, it really does it for me, I figured out I’m more productive in these environments than when I’m locked up at home.

#4. Set restriction for yourself and people around you

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re home. Secondly, the people around you have to understand the importance of what you are doing and keep distractions at a minimal level. Answering calls included. They can’t come barging in every minute to announce someone at the door or remind you your favorite soap opera is airing.

For me, I’m married and have a child. Everyone knows not to mess with mommy’s working hours, and my husband is very supportive and keeps the distractions at a minimal, well I can’t always say the same always for my little girl ha-ha, but she’ll learn soon when she gets older.

#5. Plan out your tasks ahead of time.

Most cases of unproductive hours arise from being clueless about what to do. You need to plan out your day ahead of time, avoid procrastination and if possible jot down ideas on what to work on. Procrastinations and distractions come up when you don’t have any specific thing to do during your work hours, then you find yourself changing agendas. Try solidifying your schedule before the day even starts.

#6. Avoid social media distraction               

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is a no-no if you wish to make progress during your working hours. You can’t keep going back and forth between devices when you should concentrate and fine-tune ideas.

It’s incredible how much distraction could come with just one glace at a Facebook feed, sometimes you spend not less than 30 minutes on other catchy trends. To avoid social media distraction, restrict data connection to only what you are currently working on.

Find yourself spending too much time on Facebook? Eradicate distractions by replacing your entire news feed with an inspiring quote

#7. Take breaks

Working at home means you’re your own boss. Hence you create and stick to your own time. Don’t disregard the importance of breaks to your overall productivity.

Rather than social media, take a walk, or spend time with your family as I do. Work hard, play hard to create a balance and let the ideas flow. Basically I work from 12pm to 4pm then take a 15minutes break in between.

Working at home is an excellent way to focus on your ideas and grow your business at your own pace and commitment, however, do not allow that freedom creep into the energy needed to make your dreams come through. For more tips on how to grow your business through Pinterest check out here.


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