You Are Here Because…

  • You want to build a successful online business, expand your social media, and impact the world.
  • You want to live freely, spend time with your loved ones, and not worry about money (because you have financial freedom).
  • You want to travel the world. To discover that new favourite beach – where you can sit quietly in the soft golden sand and listen to the waves of water crashing along the shores. A place where you can run your business (if you choose to) while the smell of fresh ocean scent makes it all surreal. A place where you can finally be at peace.

But those days seem so far away…

  • Because right now you’re struggling in your corporate job. Those mounting debts are chaining you to that boring 9-5 job and stealing away your most precious asset – time.
  • Your family laughs at you when you tell them about your dream, telling you that it’s a fairy tale of impossibility.
  • You’re overwhelmed with all the information out there. You don’t know where to start or grow your online business.

And this is where I come in…

Hi! My name is Simar. I’m a marketing and social media strategist with a desire to help creative entrepreneurs like you to turn your business dreams and aspirations, into a reality.

I am so glad you are here!

If you already have an online business that’s not generating the results you want. I will guide you through to the very end until you’re over the moon about your results!

Areas of my expertise include:

  • Social Media
  • List Building
  • Marketing
  • Sales

As a successful and versatile entrepreneur who owns a profitable online business, I work with aspiring individuals who want to:

  • Kiss goodbye their stressful 9-5 job and start their online business.
  • Make their burning passion and commitment work for them – not for other people.
  • Learn everything they need to know about running their own successful online business.
  • Generate traffic to their website, turn traffic into leads and leads into buyers (Aka money)
  • Gain brand popularity through social media, become a Pinterest rock star and build a friendly interactive community.
  • Gain brand popularity through social media, become a Pinterest rock star and build a friendly interactive community.
  • Establish a solid, friendly, and accessible social media presence, so their business has the ability to freely share information.
  • Turning ideal prospects into loyal buyers that keep coming back for more.

I believe that it’s totally possible for an average person to be a successful entrepreneur. All I need from you is the desire & commitment to do it.

Because when you learn to apply my key methods and tools, you’ll save time, money and reach more people who love (and buy) what you have.

After quitting my dead-end job and putting in years of hard work towards my passion, I’ve built aprofitable online business with thousands in net profit. I deliver my products to 63 countries globally. So it’s fair to say that I know a thing or two about how you can build a successful online business.

As the owner of a Facebook group with over 30 thousand fans and over 24 thousand followers on Pinterest who love my product and the content I provide, I know what it takes to build your social media presence and develop trust with your customers.

My appearance on LBC and OTV television show has allowed me to reach wider range of audience, advertise my product, and boost my reputation. I will show you how to increase your chance of appearing on TV to promote your products and services.

With my products featured in numerous magazines and blogs such as Trend hunters, Time Out Beirut and many more, I know the secret to promoting the heck out of your brand and becoming a star marketer.

What’s in it for you if you work with me?

You will gain full access to everything I know about social media, sales and online marketing that will make you money

As we work together, we will determine what position you are in right now and create a plan for you to start making money with what you love doing.

By the time our work is done you’ll know the process of running an online business inside out, be able to use the social media to market your product, and be able to influence and persuade other people.

But wait, there’s more!

I want you to walk away feeling confident as a stellar sales person and star marketer.


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