Do you have drive, creativity and a desire to create a business that matters?

Someone who wants to enjoy flexibility, freedom and the financial rewards that comes with owning your own business?

But, maybe,

  • You are feeling stuck in a boring 9-5 routine with no escape plan?
  • Your time is wasted in helping to build someone else’s company or passion
  • You feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
  • You long for a community where you can share your vision and dreams


You’ve come to the right place if you want to break out of cubicle nation, turn your side hustle into your full-time business, or create something from scratch that you love and enjoy.

Isn’t it time to transform from a “wantapreneur” to an entrepreneur?

If you are determined and driven, then all you need are the right strategies and a support group — a community of like-minded individuals, to help you move forward.

Hi! My name is Simar.  I work with creative entrepreneurs like yourself to help you market your business, sell your product and build your brand.  

Since launching my first online business I became literally obsessed with creating successful online businesses.   And my passion is helping others get there too.

Yes, with the right tools, proven techniques, and support from someone that has been there, it’s totally possible for any person to become a successful entrepreneur.

I know, because I left the safety of a job, with ZERO business experience.

My (quick) story 🙂

I built an online-business from the ground up, and grew it into a profitable business in less than 6 months, allowing me to escape my 9-5 job.

My custom figurine business, Minimecity generates thousands in income, sells to customers in 20 countries, and has 55,000+ on social media channels.

Plus, I enjoy a loyal fan base and referral network that loves the product and brings new customers to me constantly.

I made appearances at local TV stations to promote my product and rapidly increased the reach of my products.

My products were featured in numerous magazines and blogs such as Trend hunters, Huffington post and Time Out Beirut.

With my years of social media, marketing and media expertise, I created a blog with nuts and bolts advice that can jumpstart YOUR success.

I’ll share my successful strategies and tactics about social media, list-building, sales and online-marketing. Tried and true tactics that I’ve personally tested and can help you generate an income in no time flat.

I want to help you avoid the challenges and obstacles that I encountered along the way, and to become profitable quickly – all while doing something YOU enjoy!

You can use these important lessons (and learn from my mistakes) and feel totally confident when you do make your escape from Cubicle Nation!  When you make the leap, you’ll have these tools and techniques at your fingertips.

Sign up for my Facebook Mastermind Group and receive my free business tips and tricks.

My Mastermind Community is community of entrepreneurs who have started a business – or want to start—an online business. Advice, guidance, tools, techniques… the practical stuff.

You are on your own journey, but you never need to feel alone.  It’s completely free.




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