Boost Confidence and Silence Your Inner Critic

By March 25, 2020Business

Have you ever found yourself relishing the thoughts of all that could go wrong in your life? Or beating yourself up mentally over tasks you couldn’t meet up with, it happens to me, and I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone else. The human mind is a different world and entity of its own, it’s more likely to find faults and criticize rather than exalt us most times. What do you do when your mind gets to criticize you at every turn? How do you silence that tiny voice within constantly bringing you down? Well, let me tell you, there a million ways to take charge over your inner critic, once you learn these steps you can take full control of your life, boost your confidence and direct affairs better.

When it comes to developing genuine, long-term confidence, the trickiest challenge is dealing with self-doubt

  • Always remind yourself you’re the best

Negativity shrinks at the sight of constant reassurance that you are good. You keep telling yourself you are awesome and other good stuff and gradually you start to believe in yourself and see your self-confidence grow.

How do you remind yourself you are the best amidst the storm of self-doubt deterring you currently? I have a few tricks I would love to share. Firstly, write a short encouraging letter highlighting all your strengths and achievements and tuck it into your purse, whenever you find yourself in those negative times read this letter to yourself. Lastly, write and paste stick note around the house, and just like the first shower yourself with praises and encouragements on each sticker. The main idea is to get honest with yourself, it helps a lot.

  • Put in your best

Most times the negative critic talking inside your head is as a result of the task we are yet to carry out or hadn’t done properly. Just like an alarm clock, the mind tells you when the time is right to carry out a task to meet up with deadlines and when you fail to listen to this same inner voice returns as the inner criticisms we feel.

Your inner critic is overly judgemental but the right trick around it is to never give yourself ammo for the inner critic, and this can only be achieved when you get productive and timely with tasks you are supposed to do.

  • See the good in yourself and to a greater extent others

There’s a popular saying that “Bad conscience breeds negativity,” this means to free your soul of all ill thought about yourself and to a greater extent others. One may be surprised why you should bring your action to others into this, yeah well our mind is a reflection of how we treat others. For example, when you see a plus-sized lady walking down the alley, and you go, ’oh damn look how fat she is,’ your mind carries out a comparative analysis between you and this lady. Often the negative is the result, you find yourself thinking a lot about your body and size and soon that might lead to loss of self-confidence and insecurities.

  • Be conscious of your inner critic

It is often said that ‘what you know is what you can control’ our inner critic has more control over us better we usually can’t tell when we drift away. When you are aware of what you think you can quickly snap out of it and reassure yourself positively.

When you actively listen to your inner thoughts you discover most of your criticisms are fallacious and undeserves, you treat yourself better and focus on getting more productive.


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