How to Get More Followers in Pinterest

So you have an online business and you know that Pinterest can drive you tons of traffic to your website but you have no clue how to use it, or where to even start.

Sure you have used Pinterest for inspiration to decorate your new office and discover a new recipe, but you have no idea how to use it to:

  1. Generate more leads
  2. Market your business and
  3. Start making money using this platform.

In this video I’ll be sharing 5 tips that you can apply today so you can start building your following on Pinterest and leveraging this platform.

Hello my name is Simar from and I love everything to do with Pinterest. I’ve been using Pinterest since 2013 the time when you had to apply to get an account.

Since then I’ve been able to drive tons of traffic to back to my website and gain more than 24,000 followers.
So in this video I am going to be sharing 5 tips to gain more followers on Pinterest.
So let’s get started

Tip #1
Use keywords that are related to your business and your niche under your pins and in the description box on your Pinterest profile.
This way when your ideal customer is looking for your product and service they will be able to find you.
You can use the Google Adword Keyword planner to get ideas on which keyword to use. Using those keywords will help optimize your Pinterest page so that it will appear in search engines.

Tip #2
Use the keywords that you found in tip #1 to name and create your boards. This way again your optimizing your Pinterest page so your ideal customer can actually find your products and services.

Tip #3
Create amazing original content. So what I mean with original content is content that gets tons or re-pins such as videos, how to’s, to do list, checklists and infographics. These are all extremely popular on Pinterest. By creating original content your boards are going to stand out as 20% of pins on Pinterest are original and 80% of them are re-pinned pins.



Add the Pinterest follow button and pin it button on your blog or website this way you’re making it easy to convert your visitors into Pinterest followers and your making it easy for people to share your content.

Tip #5
Pin consistently and make it part of your daily habit. You want to be in your follower’s news feed. By being consistent people will remember you, your business and your brand.
So these were my five tips to get and gain more followers. If you found those tips helpful you may want to check out my FREE Pinterest Mini course where I go deeper into these strategies and share some awesome strategies on how to Market your business on Pinterest.




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