How to Grow an Engaged Instagram Audience

By March 25, 2020Business

Instagram has surely grown beyond a basic picture/video sharing online community. The Instagram of today is a trendsetter and the perfect tool to connect to millions of potential customers and audience. You probably have been an ardent user of the popular interactive social media, but since we are on a path to help you grow your business, I’m going to share to you some tips on how to grow an engaged Instagram audience.

#. Always Know Your Audience

I found out you can only appeal to people’s interest when you offer what they are most likely to go for. What is the essence of boasting of large followers if you have no idea what their interests are? This, in turn, means posting catchy captions and photos are a waste as long as the audience has no interest in them.

There are many tools out there which helps you figure out what your Instagram audience are interested in, my favorite, however, is Iconosquare. Iconosquare is the perfect tool to monitor the online activity of your audience, stuffs like what photos/videos they liked, times at which they come online throughout the week and who had left the most comments on your posts. I would strongly recommend this tool as it helps you get in touch with the interests of your audience this way you know when they start getting disconnected with your content and in turn, you can re-strategize.

#. You Have To Really Connect With Your Audience

There is no better way to grow an engaged Instagram audience than to really “engage” with your audience on a personal level. You have to be ready and willing to listen and ask questions when necessary to get their opinion on issues and the business. A good way to go about this is to ask questions regarding people’s opinion about your brand regularly. Secondly, keep an open line of communication between your audiences and although it may seem difficult, try as much as possible to reply messages and clarify issues they come up with about your brand and services.

#. Be Exceptional

Instagram probably has over a million entrepreneurs and business accounts preaching exactly the same gospel you wish to share hence, you need to set yourself apart. Make an effort to ensure every content you post on Instagram contains something valuable your audience is yet to encounter before this way you give them a reason to come back.

I believe the easiest way to set your brand apart is through educative content. Ensure every post teaches something about your services, stuff like quick business tips or business guideline.

#. Use Hashtags and Create Challenges

Of course, we all know using hashtags strategically places your content in the hands of your desired audience. If you’re having problems remembering the hashtags you used previously, copy them out to a separate document so next time you wish to post you just copy and paste voila!

Creating fun challenges can go a long way to propel your brand, just imagine how far the Kiki challenge took Drake’s album, you too can create something similar.

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