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In this video I am going to show you 5 ways to make your Instagram stories more creatively. The most asked questions I get on Instagram is about Instagram stories. So I thought to make this video to show you 5 Instagram story hacks without using any outside application, we will only focus on the same Instagram application in this video.

So if you would like to learn 5 things you can do with your Instagram stories then keep watching!

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So let’s get started with this video. So the first thing we are going to do it take a picture by clicking on the photo icon and snapping a picture. The first thing we are going to learn is how to make the whole screen one solid color.

We will be clicking on the pen icon the first one on the left and choosing the color we want and then we will press anywhere on the screen and hold it, until the whole screen becomes one color.

If you would still like to keep the photo you took showing in the background, let me know remove the solid background screen by clicking undo and then choosing the second option which is the highlighter and choosing the color we want , let me choose purple and then press anywhere on the screen and hold it until the whole screen becomes one color but the main photo we took will still show in the background.

Now I am going to show how we can use each of these icons. The first one we can use it to draw or write with and we can control if want the pen to be thick or thin, the second one is the highlighter, the third one is the neon which has the glow effect and the fourth option is the eraser which we can use to erase everything we drew on the screen.

Now I am going to show you how you can draw on the picture that we have. We are going to click on the letters icon and write the word we want. Now we can change the color of the letters as we wish by choosing from the colors available. If there is a color you like but is not available from the options you have , click on the dropper icon and then you will be able to choose any color from the picture you have itself so you have a nice color coordination within your picture.

We can also change the font of the words you write on Instagram stories by clicking on “classic” icon above to change it to the different font options available. There is also an option to highlight the word  by clicking on the “A” icon, but that option is not available for all fonts. Now another trick you can do is choose the letters you want by highlighting them and then changing their color.

Another Instagram trick I like to use in my Instagram stories is by writing the same word but in 2 different colors and then placing them above each other to create a shadow effect.

Now the third thing you can do with your Instagram stories is adding stickers to your stories. There are different kind of stickers you can add to your story and one of them is the Location where you are at. Now that usually changes depending on the place you are at at the time, we can also change the color of the sticker by clicking on it until we are satisfied with how it looks.

Another thing we can do with our instagram stories is mentioning someone in out story. For example here I am mentioning MiniMeCity so if someone was watching my story and clicks on it, it’s going to take them to that person or companies profile page on Instagram from our Instagram story.

The third sticker I like to use sometimes is the time sticker to show the current time. If I am in a certain place at a certain time I can show that in my story. You can also click on the time sticker to change the look of the clock you are adding. You can choose the one you like.

The fourth thing you can do with your Instagram story is add any sticker from the ones available here to your story. For example let me add a speech bubble sticker , if I click on it I can change the direction of the bubble and I can also change the size to smaller or larger. I can also add what Adelina is thinking about but adding an item in the bubble.

If there is something we wish to erase from our picture just press on the icon you wish to delete and just drag it all the way to the bottom middle of the screen. (As shown)

The fifth thing you can do with your Instagram stories is adding a picture within a picture. Let’s assume this is the main picture you want to work with, click on the sticker icon again and then click on the picture icon shown on the screen and then choose the picture you would like to add.

Let me add 3 pictures to my main picture from the same day. As shown previously let me make the whole screen one color. You can choose the color you want from the same picture and then click and hold any spot on the screen. I will then use the eraser option to show the part I want from my picture. This way I was able to merge 4 pictures in 1 picture to be added to my Instagram story.

I hope that you enjoyed this video and if you have any further question make sure to write it in the comments below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. Thank you so much and see you in my next video.



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