No Excuses! How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Getting What You Want

By March 26, 2020Business

Oh no, you did it again! You promised last time was truly the last remember. You promised you wouldn’t make excuses again and start getting things done. Well, if you are always thrown into a sad state of constantly shying away from proactive steps that would have bettered your life and business, then this read is definitely for you.

Building something great starts as soon as you stop making excuses. You need to start taking responsibilities for your actions to check for long term effects. And if you are going to achieve your goals, you have to sit up and look past excuses and distractions. A lot of people have amazing plans for their lives but lack the zeal, and disciple to see it; hence, they settle down for excuses.

Avoiding excuses and focusing on the goal is often difficult, but as soon as you master your strengths and aim at discipline, everything becomes much easier. Yes, a lot will come in between you and your goals from time to time, but it’s ideal always to make the most of your time, pick yourself up and get back right on track rather than make excuses.

Yes, sometimes it helps to make you feel better about yourself when you make excuses, but this is only for a moment, you will eventually figure out you’re not doing great by that. Here are ways you can focus on what needs to be done instead of making excuses

Focus only on what matters

When you spend so much time focusing on things that don’t really matter, you waste the time which could have actually been useful in getting the real work done. Time management is very vital to achieving your goals, also focusing on what matters ensures effective use of time hence limiting excuses. Excuses are a direct product of time mismanagement.

Take responsibility for your actions

Yeah, it always seems like passing the blame to something or someone else takes the weight off our shoulders, but the truth is owning up to your actions helps you learn from them. If we don’t make mistakes, we cannot learn, and if we cannot learn, we cannot make progress.

Taking responsibility for your actions will not only help you stop making excuses, but it also helps great a strong character and better work ethic vital for business growth.

Keep in mind the long term goals

Mindful reminders of where you are going to help keep you in check against excuses and delays. It is often believed that a clearer perspective of your goals and ambition help keep your mind focused. Your long term goal is the perfect motivation needed to help keep you on track, it keeps you in check against distractions and excuses.

Excuses deter the path of success and give you false relief from your worries, keep away from them, and you will achieve your goals.

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